Road trip travel etiquette to avoid aggressive driving

Road trip travel etiquette to avoid aggressive driving

Summer driving season is kicking into high gear with the Memorial Day travel weekend – and that can mean heavy traffic, hot tempers, and high stress levels.

A new survey by Safeco Insurance on aggressive driving finds 85 percent of us believe that other people drive aggressively, but only 36 percent think their own driving is aggressive.  The survey also identified behaviors that, if stopped, would make driving more pleasant for everyone:

  • cutting off other drivers (59 percent),
  • using high beams toward oncoming traffic (57 percent)
  • tailgating (56 percent)

Safeco wants to put the brakes on aggressive driving this summer by launching Drive It Forward Fridays beginning Friday, May 23, to encourage positive driving actions to counter negative driving behavior that can often jeopardize safety.

Tips for drivers to Drive It Forward Fridays include:

  • Model good driving behavior by being friendly and courteous on the road. Your good behavior can inspire others to be courteous as well. Give up a parking spot, and when it's safe to do so, allow other drivers to move into your lane.
  • Accept that some undesirable road conditions, such as heavy traffic, slow drivers or excessively fast ones are a normal and unavoidable reality of driving. If you normalize these irritations, you're less likely to be frustrated by them.
  • Don't take it personally. A driver who cut you off was likely just being thoughtless, and didn't intend to anger or endanger you. Consider other explanations; perhaps the driver is traveling to an emergency or simply didn't see you.

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