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Community raises money to help baby with rare condition

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In the Lowcountry, a 5-month-old baby boy will now have the chance to grow up normally thanks to the community's help.

Paxton O'Loughlin has what's called "Tortocollis" which causes neck muscles tighten up on side, forming an uneven shaped head.

On top of paying for weekly physical therapy sessions, their insurance company would not cover the cost of a special helmet to fix it.

But thanks to some help, they just received one that won't cost them anything.

At a glance, Paxton seems like a healthy baby boy, but his problem lies deep beneath the surface.

"When Paxton was about 7-weeks-old, I noticed he only turned his head one direction," his mother Kacie O'Loughlin said.

Paxton did everything on his right side, even sleeping which eventually caused a flat spot called "Plageocephaly."

After bi-weekly trips to physical therapy, Paxton can now lay on both sides of his head but the flat spot remains.

"Over here he has this rounded part that sticks out a little more, it's more prominent and that's the rounded out part that we're trying to compress in and let out a little of the flat spot," Kacie said.

The family needed to get a special helmet for Paxton but after ordering it, they found out their insurance wouldn't cover the $1,600 cost.

"It doesn't feel good to know as a parent that you need help for something that your child needs medically but in my opinion, him having the helmet isn't optional," she said.

O'Loughlin decided to contact the United Way of the Lowcountry just to get information and within 48 hours, the nonprofit organization was able to secure the funding with help from their partner agencies.

"This is a family that was doing everything that they're supposed to be doing, we have a two income household so it kind of hit home for all of us and we knew that we just had to help this family out," Chrystie Turner with the United Way said.

Paxton will now wear the helmet at all times with doctors monitoring and rescanning his progress every few weeks until his head develops normally.

A local tattoo shop is designing Paxton's new helmet.

The O'Loughlins plan to thank each of the community organizations in person on Friday and to volunteer with them down the road.

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