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Speak Out Editorial - 05/22/14

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The melee on savannah's river street has gotten a lot of attention in the past week, with legitimate points being raised on all sides. But regardless of who was right or wrong in the incident one thing is clear: Savannah got a black eye.

And that punch was thrown by the Atlanta media that went to air with a story when the information was incomplete.

Atlanta is an important source of tourists for the savannah area. To have a half – baked story air in front of  a potential audience of 6 million visitors is a major blow to Savannah's hard earned reputation for southern charm and friendly people. The fact that the media outlets followed up with a more complete treatment of the story helps…a little. But a lot of damage had already been done.

Let's hope that the broadcasters involved will act more responsibly in the future because their incomplete and premature reporting could cost Savannah millions in revenue and much of the luster that goes with being the Hostess City of the South.

We appreciate their subsequent attempts to present the full picture, but we ask the question an exonerated elected official once posed following his trial by media:

Now where do I go to get my reputation back? 

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