Hometown Hero--Billy Swinson

Billy Swinson
Billy Swinson

Billy Swinson has been coaching at Pooler Park for 26 years. The mini pee-wee football league is for boys six to nine years old.

"We come out here and we start the season off the first of August," Billy said. "You look at where we started at and then this time of year you look where we finish, and the kids they get out here and they work hard and put a lot in it and it's just an enjoyable thing to watch them progress to where they are right now."

Billy's own children outgrew this league a long time ago, but he stayed with the program doing his part to help boys build character through sports.

"Most of our coaches and people that help out around here are strictly volunteers, and they have kids that participate in our programs but Billy doesn't have any kids," said Darrell Townsend with the Pooler Recreation Committee. "He just does it for the love of the game, sport and kids. He does it for the kids. We appreciate Billy and he's a wonderful asset to the community."

Some of the people that Billy coached now have their own kids on his team. Michael Brewton played for Billy 15 years ago. "When Zachary decided he wanted to play, I wanted to make sure he was on Mr. Swinson's team because he's a real good coach and he's real dedicated to the children."

Billy says he's actually thought about retiring a few times.

"I get threatened every year if I quit they are going come and get me," he joked. "So I have to kind of stay with it. No, I enjoy it and it gives me something to do. And like I say, I enjoy doing it helping the kids."

For his untiring dedication to the children of his community, Billy Swinson is this week's WOTC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com