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Asked and Answered: What to do if you see a dog in left in a car


If you see a dog left in a car with the windows rolled up, what do you do?

It's a question being debated on social media after a series of incidents in recent weeks.

When the weather is warm, no one should be inside their car without the air conditioner on.

A heat index map shows that even when it's only 70 degrees outside, it only takes 10 minutes for the inside of your vehicle to reach 100 degrees. On days when it's warmer, like 90 degrees, it only takes 30 minutes to reach 130 degrees inside of your vehicle.

Savannah-Chatham Animal control officers said it is up to all of us to be vigilant when you see any animal or child helpless inside of a vehicle. They said to call them if you ever see it.

"We do appreciate citizens being vigilant and taking these steps, because these animals are completely helpless with you calling in and letting us know about these things" said Christina Sutherin with the Savannah-Chatham Animal Control.

The first step is calling the non-emergency line at 912.652.6500. Animal control officer Sutherin said an officer will respond, and if you are a different municipality, the number will transfer from municipality to municipality.

As a last resort, call 911.

Sutherin said even if the dog is in distress, of you fear for the dogs safety, you need to call police first and let them handle the situation. Do not remove the animal from the car.

"It is somebody else's property, so you want to be very careful about there being any damage to anyone else's property or putting yourself in any kind of legal predicament that you don't absolutely have to," said Sutherin. "That's why police and animal control are here and more than happy to take those steps."

Sutherin said they have emergency equipment to treat animals if necessary and can get them to vet clinics for emergency care quickly.

Even at 60 degrees outside, it can be too hot inside your car, potentially reaching 100 degrees.

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