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Card theft victims investigate their own case


A Phoenix husband and wife took matters into their own hands after someone racked up hundreds of dollars in charges on their credit card.

The couple sought out the stores where the purchases were made and requested surveillance video.

Dave Nixon's credit card was used at eight different stores within less than three hours. All but one of the stores refused to provide he and his wife with surveillance video, but one store did.

The card was used in several locations, including a strip mall in south Phoenix near Roeser and Central Avenue.

"Hands over his blue card. Jokingly. Yeah, she's smiling and laughing," says wife Megan Nixon, recounting what she sees on the surveillance video that captured a woman in her 30s or 40s purchasing shoes and a pair of shorts on the family credit card.

Fraudulent charges of $371 were amassed on the family's credit card.

"She's obviously out there doing as much as she can to rip other people off and that's not fair," says Megan Nixon.

In the video, the cashier studies the card and the woman appears to gesture to the parking lot saying her husband is out in the car.

The Nixons also have a copy of the receipt on which the woman signed Dave Nixon's name after making her illegal purchase.

"Last time I seen my card was there. Went to my truck and loaded up," said Dave Nixon.

Dave Nixon believes he lost his wallet at the Home Depot store on 51st  Avenue and Baseline. Thinking it would turn up, he didn't cancel the card. But several days later it did turn up, as he received a text message from his bank alerting him to possible fraudulent charges.

Several of those charges were made at the Walgreens and Safeway stores within walking distance of the Home Depot.

"I was in disbelief they went to so many places in just a short amount of time," said Megan Nixon.

"One of the things we want to avoid doing is jeopardize that case," said Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson.

Thompson says cases are handled as they come in, and that people doing their own investigating could actually hurt their case in the long run.

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