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Dog bite ruled accident in Rincon


The Effingham County Sheriff's Office has determined that a dog bite situation in a Rincon neighborhood was accidental.

A young boy was bitten on the shoulder, and while his mother is still concerned that the dog is in the neighborhood, authorities said there was no criminal activity.

A little over a week ago, Heidi Rigsby said her 9-year-old son was bitten by their neighbor's Rottweiler, leaving bite marks on his shoulder.

"When I got the call that my son had been bitten, I expected the worst when I got here," she said.

Both Rincon Police and the Effingham County Sheriff's Humane Enforcement Unit responded, saying the neighbor's young son was walking the dog on a leash, and Rigsby's son rode up on his bike when it all happened.

But Rigby is concerned because the dog is still in the neighborhood.

"School's getting out," she said. "There are several small children that run and play, ride bikes and everything, that the dog needs to be removed from the neighborhood. For the safety of our kids."

The sheriff's office said the situation was documented, but not cited, and since there was no criminal activity, there was no need to remove the dog from the home.

"Unfortunately, things happen and these animals, and you have a kid walking this dog, but bottom line is, the dog was on a leash," said Effingham County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer David Ehsanipoor. "The dog had his rabies vaccinations, and this was an unfortunate incident. The injuries weren't as serious as they could have been."

The sheriff's office said, by law, the dog is being quarantined in the home for 10 days. They also said they don't have any previous record of the dog.

Requests from Rincon Police regarding any records about the dog are still being processed due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Rigsby believes the dog has displayed aggressive behavior in the past, however, the dog's owners said their dog is gentle and he was being taunted.

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