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Memorial urns stolen from Garden City home

A picture of the urn that was stolen from Lisa Moore's home. A picture of the urn that was stolen from Lisa Moore's home.

A woman said someone vandalized and robbed her house more than five time in the last several months. The thieves stole precious valuables and destroyed the inside of her house.

There are a few of those precious items that homeowner Lisa Moore is especially upset that are gone.

Moore said she and her husband were in the process of moving out of their house in Garden City. They have had their house on the market to sell since October, but since then, they've had nothing but problems, but this time, the criminals stole urns that held the ashes of Moore's family members.

"The house is in such bad shape from they have done to it," said Moore.

From the outside of the house, you would never know it's been vandalized, but take a look inside and you can see that it has been ransacked and graffiti is wall to wall in every room.

Moore believes someone was looking for things to sell. She said they have stolen the air conditioning unit, the refrigerator, the stove, but the main thing she really cares about are the urns contain the ashes of her parents and brother.

"What would be the purpose of taking them?" she said. "I mean, the only value they have is to me and nobody else. What else can you do with them?"

Moore said she believes the criminals are picking the locks and that teenagers are possibly to blame.  

"My husband and I walked in and my dog took off towards the back of the house, and my husband went after her and there were three teenagers back there," she said.

She said she called police and filed reports, but she's afraid her house is a lost cause.

"Because it might go into foreclosure now, and we just can't afford to fix it or secure it or put any kind of surveillance up there," she said.

Now she needs the public's help in finding the urns stolen from her house.

"It was lying down and it had a double heart on it," she said. "One side had my mom's name on it, and the other side was my step-father's name on it, and it had the date they died on it."

Garden City Police said they are aware of the situation and continue to monitor the house. They said there's not much they can do without witnesses or catching them in the act.

The recommend people with vacant homes to get surveillance cameras or have your neighbors check in on your house.

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