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City of Savannah looking to move forward with new waste water treatment facility

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The City of Savannah is looking to move forward with plans to add a waste water treatment plant to an existing lift station by the Bacon Park Golf Course.

The issue is raising concerns of odors from residents.

The city has met with those residents, and they are trying to dispel those worries.

The city is trying to make it clear that they are not treating solid waste in any of the neighborhood areas or near the golf course or sports fields.

Instead, the city will be taking liquid waste and turning it into reusable water to irrigate those fields and facilities.

The rest of the solid waste from the facility will be filtered down the pipeline along the Truman Parkway to the President Street treatment facility.

The city said the current lift station, which is handling six million gallons of waste a day, is several decades old.

The new proposed $7.4 million waste treatement facility would treat and create the reused water, and also just handle liquid waste, with the solids continuing to be filtered down to Presidents Street.

As for the fears of nasty aromas, they city uses the same process at Savannah Harbor and the Savannah Golf Club, with little to no issues about the odors.

"I'm not going to say there will be no odor at all with wastewater, that is absurd," said City of Savannah Sanitation Bureau Chief John Sawyer. "However, this plant doesn't have the solid handling most wastewater plants do."

The city can spend an extra $400,000 on extra odor mitigation chemicals and control, which is something they will have to decide on when the plan comes back up for approval.

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