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False reports costs city thousands


It was a chaotic scene along Savannah's River Street over the weekend. Crews searched the waters for a man who reportedly jumped in, trying to end his life.

It turns out, the call was made up. Savannah- Chatham Metropolitan Police said false reports like these can potentially cost the city more than $10,000.  

The SCMPD said there was a whole entourage looking for a man who had supposedly jumped into the river, including the Coast Guard, Savannah firefighters and EMS. They had helicopters in the air and boats in the water for about an hour and a half.

Police discovered that whoever made the 911 call was lying. SCMPD wants to remind people that making a false report and lying to police is a crime, especially in similar situations with a lot of rescue crews, because it could potentially jeopardize other real emergencies.

"We had nine officers who were out of position. If something happened in their beats or where they were supposed to be patrolling, then they would not have been around," said SCMPD PIO Julian Miller.  "This means we would then have to bring someone from another location which adds to the response time."

Police said they are still investigating and trying to figure out who made the call.

They said they will continue to respond to all calls as if they are real, but if they turn out false, someone could face charges. 

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