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Heated exchange leads to altercation between aldermen

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Tempers flared on Thursday night at the Savannah City Council meeting.

One alderman accused a fellow councilman of calling her a derogatory name. It was on full display for the public and on the city's government channel replay.

Council had been going back and forth, split on whether or not to grant Kessler Hotels a height ordinance change for their project on River Street's West End.

The war of words actually started a few weeks ago when Alderman Tom Bordeaux felt Kessler was getting preferential treatment from other council members at the expense of another neighboring project.

A second hearing was held on Thursday night, but a vote was put off, which sparked a testy exchange among council who each unloaded some barbs.

"So you start saying, ‘you do this, we do that,'" said Mary Osborne. "It's a game you are playing up here, let's be fair."

"Madam alderman, I apologize for my many faults," replied Bordeaux. "I wish I could be more like you."

Bordeaux then leaned over and whispered something to Osborne.

"Did you see that man, what he just did?" said Osborne. "Excuse me  Madame Mayor! Tom Bordeaux reached over here, butted me in my head and called me an *******. And I refuse to accept that as a member of this council."

Osborne said by phone that she isn't sure if Bordeaux headbutted her or not, but she said he invaded her space and called her that name.

Bordeaux was not available for comment on Friday.

WTOC reached out to Mayor Edna Jackson to get her take on the altercation between the aldermen. She said that issue is between them to work out, and said we still have to work together for the bettermen of this community.

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