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Asked and Answered: Bryan County toddler mauled case


Over one year ago, an Ellabell toddler was attacked and killed by her family's seven pit bulls in their backyard during the middle of the day while the adults, including her 18-year-old mother, were asleep.

The mother, Summer Laminack, was eventually charged with involuntary manslaughter and child cruelty. Not much has been heard about the case since last spring, which was supposed to go to a grand jury in the summer.

In this WTOC Asked and Answered segment, viewers want to know: where does this case stand?

Sometimes even the most high profile cases can sneak through the court system without much attention, and it seems that's what happened here. The grand jury didn't get the case until November of 2013.

Laminack was indicted on Nov. 6 on a felony count of involuntary manslaughter, second degree cruelty to children (also a felony), and misdemeanor reckless conduct. She was arraigned in December and pleaded not guilty.

The attack and death happened in March 2013, and Laminack claimed, through her attorney, she was studying for her GED when her 21-month-old daughter, Monica, wandered into the backyard through the doggie door, where she was followed by the family's seven pit bulls, unsupervised.

However, police said the family told them the child's two uncles, 15 and 12 years old, were awake, while the Laminack, the grandmother and great-grandmother were asleep.

The grandmother woke up to the sound of the dogs barking and yelled, "They're killing Monica!"

Police believe the mauling took place over an extended period of time, not in just a few minutes. All seven pit bulls were put to sleep at the scene when authorities arrived.

Only Laminack was charged in the death of her daughter, and the case, which is still pending, is listed for a status update on June 26, and could go to trial this summer.

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