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Hinesville Captain D's temporarily closed after accident


The Captain D's Restaurant in Hinesville remained closed on Monday night after an elderly disabled veteran ran into the side of the building while going through the drive-thru lane.

Firefighters detected gas leaking from the gas box and from inside the restaurant and closed the restaurant until a crew could determine the source of the leak.

Investigators said the 73-year-old veteran has a prosthetic leg which got caught in the gas and brake pedals.

"It's a handicap vehicle," said Officer Richard Boucher of the Hinesville Police Dept. "The gas pedal has been modified so the pedal is on the left-hand side. He doesn't have a right leg, so he's only got a left leg. The gas pedal has been moved from the right side to the left side, and unfortunately in his vehicle, the pedal was a little too close to the brake pedal, and his foot got lodged in between the two pedals."

Hinesville Police said they will not file charges about the man. The restaurant hopes to reopen tomorrow.

By the way, the restaurant did not charge the veteran for his meal.

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