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Aldermen release statements concerning Council meeting

Alderman Tom Bordeaux and Alderwoman Mary Osborne today released the following statements concerning last Thursday's City Council Meeting. 


Last week there was a disruption during the City Council meeting.  I am sorry for my part in it.  I expressed an opinion directly to Alderwoman Mary Osborne, and I was rude in having done so.  I have sincerely apologized directly to her for my comment.  

Let me be clear about something else: No part of this disruption, nothing that was said by any of us Council members and nothing of my own poor behavior, had anything to do with race, despite what some observers have speculated.  We on Council know each other personally.  We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, and our own beliefs about what's best for Savannah. We are not perfect, but all of our actions are driven by a desire to best serve our city.



I accept this public apology from Alderman Bordeaux, and hope that everyone will put this incident behind them. We can disagree, but must always be able to express our positions without being disagreeable to one another. 

Most days, we keep the debate respectful. But on occasion, all of us have said things we regret in the heat of the moment. It is time for Council to focus on the business of the city, and for everyone to move on.  I know I have.

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