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GA Secretary of State could expand investigation into New Georgia Project


WTOC is hearing from more people who are leery about a voter registration organization called the New Georgia Project.

The Georgia Secretary of State's Office said they will probably expand their investigation to Savannah.

The chief investigator said they are investigating this group in Butts County, but they will probably broaden their investigation, focusing on the entire program, which includes operations in Savannah.

Another former employee said something is just not right.

"It just felt really fishy, and I had all of these people's social security numbers, addresses," said former employee Aaron Horton.

Horton said he only worked at the New Georgia Project for one day because he said he wasn't really sure what kind of organization he was recruited to work for.

"When I asked them who was funding this, and you know, who was behind this, they were kind of beating around the bush," he said.

The New Georgia Project said they are a nonprofit organization that helps people register to vote, but the Secretary of State's Office has no record of the group.

Horton said he was required to go door to door registering people to vote.

"We were supposed to take these forms back there," he said.

When asked if participants were allowed to mail the forms in themselves, Horton replied, "no."

Investigators said people should be given the option to mail in their own registration form or give it back to the organization, in which case the form should be sealed immediately. But Horton said that was not the case.

"I could have wrote it down and put it in my pocket, and I would have had all of those people's information," he said.

He said they had to bring all the forms back to headquarters, but said he has no idea if they were mailed to the Secretary of State's Office.

"I couldn't know," he said. "I wouldn't know. After I gave them the papers, I wouldn't know. They probably could have gotten everyone's social security numbers."

WTOC spoke to the attorney for the group and the public relations person for the group, and they said they are in compliance with the law, but have yet to provide any documentation.

They have refused the opportunity to interview.

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