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Tim's Take: Ben Tucker Scholarship


Ben Tucker had two loves: his wife, Gloria, and his music.

But he had many passions.

"He loved children," said Gloria, "and he loved golf.''

The Ben Tucker Links to Success Scholarship will bring those two of his many interests together, rewarding a member of the First Tee of Savannah with money for college while also preserving the impact he had beyond the golf course in his tireless work with the First Tee.

"What he did with these young people, in terms of instilling the importance of education," said Barbara Essig, executive director of the First Tee of Savannah. "He always stressed  the importance of the nine core values, because he modeled them every day."

"I can't think of anybody who most epitomized what the First Tee meant more than Ben Tucker," added Dr. Ezra Merritt, a longtime member of the First Tee board. "I felt fortunate to be his friend and to see him give not only his time and his money to the first tee, but also see the passion he had for the kids."

Gloria Tucker announced the formation of the scholarship on Mid-Morning Live on Friday and she will chair the selection committee with an eye for a fitting recipient.

"I would imagine he would want it to go to a student who worked to achieve, because he was an achiever," she said. "When I met Benjamin, he didn't have two cents to rub together, and he went from there all the way up."

He'll continue to help lift others now, a year after his death and well into the future, through a scholarship, his timeless advice and an enduring impact.

"He was a partner to many,'' Essig said. "And I think these young people will help us carry on his legacy."

And they'll carry it all the way to college with Ben's help.

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