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Parris Island Sgt. Major steps down following altercation with former Marine, protester


The highest ranking enlisted Marine at Parris Island has stepped down from his position following last week's alleged assault with a former Marine.

Parris Island released the following statement early Monday afternoon:

Understanding the Marine Corps has very high standards of personal and professional conduct for its most senior leaders, Sgt. Maj. Archie voluntarily stepped down as the depot sergeant major, and the commanding general regrettably accepted his retirement.

People all over the country have reacted to this viral video between protester and former Marine Ethan Arguello and Depot Sgt. Maj. Paul Archie.

The altercation began because Aguello was wearing his drill instructor hat, known as a campaign cover, while protesting President Obama's decision to release five Taliban detainees for U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

The video quickly went viral through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Comments included "Ethan Arguello was OUT OF LINE for wearing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor!" as well as "This Sgt. Maj. should be demoted to private!"

A YouTube video was made by a Marine Staff Sgt. Ryan Gaines.

"Personally, I disagree with what the Marine did, I think it was in bad taste, I think in a way it brought discredit to the Marine Corps. Now with that being said, he was well within his f***** rights to do that. That's what I call bad leadership, that's what I call not setting the example, that's what I call lack of bearing, lack of wisdom and just lack of f****** professionalism," Gaines said in the video.

Many TV stations and online publications, like Business Insider and the Marine Corps Times, have also picked up the story.

Three days after the incident, Parris Island issued this statement:

"We hold all Marines to a very high standard of personal and professional conduct. For that reason, we remain very concerned over the charges against the Depot Sgt. Major and are cooperating fully with the town of Port Royal in their investigation."

Arguello continues to protest every morning along U.S. 278 in Bluffton. He said he has no regrets about what happened.

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