Man Struck by Train

The crossing on Big Hill Road closed for the investigation.
The crossing on Big Hill Road closed for the investigation.

Garden City police are investigating the mysterious death of a man who was run over by a freight train. It happened this morning near Big Hill Road. The CSX was clipping along when its regular route turned deadly.

"The best we can figure at this point is the gentleman was laying on the tracks and the train came along and struck him," said Capt. Stephen Stratman of the Garden City PD.

Police say a little after 9am they received a call from CSX claiming their engineer may have hit someone. Sure enough, when investigators arrived at the scene they found a man dead on the tracks. "The gentleman had been rolled over by a freight train he was deceased at the scene," said Stratman.

"Anything with danger, you have to respect it, it's a track and it has danger," said Claudette Monroe. She has lived right next to the tracks for the last 20 years, says when these freight trains are going by, it is impossible not to hear them.

"It's the railroad track and trains are going up and down, but they normally blow, when they are approaching, they blow the horn."

Whether the man heard the train or not is just one of the many questions Garden City police hope to answer as they investigate.

"We have nothing to indicate it was a suicide, and we have no reason why he was laying on the tracks," said Capt. Stratman.

The coroner's office will perform an autopsy on the man's body. Garden City police are not releasing his name until they notify his family. We did call CSX today, but they did not return any of our phone calls.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,