Beaufort County Honors Teachers of the Year

Rebecca Sturgis
Rebecca Sturgis

It was a day to pay tribute to some of the most important people around: teachers. In Bluffton, South Carolina, members of the Beaufort County School District along with Wachovia Bank hosted a big luncheon for the Teacher of the Year honorees.

Each of the district's 26 schools selected a Teacher of the Year, as well as a district-wide Teacher of the Year. Rebecca Sturgis of Bluffton Elementary School received that honor this afternoon.

"Teachers are unsung heroes, and yes we appreciate them," she said, "but just for them to not only to have the community, but also Wachovia Bank and the bosses say, 'We really appreciate you,' I think that means a lot."

All of those honored today will become leaders in their respective schools in an upcoming education forum.

Reported by: Jan Smith,