Community Spirit--Joy Rhodes

Todd and Joy Rhodes.
Todd and Joy Rhodes.

As Americans, we should all be proud of the record turnout for the presidential election. Among the Chatham County voters was a very special person fighting a life-and-death battle. Mrs. Joy Rhodes is in her final stages of terminal cancer. But even that couldn't keep her from doing her civic duty.

A son helping his mother is not an unusual sight. But they weren't just taking a leisurely stroll. They were headed to the polls. This brave woman was determined to vote in the last presidential election. "It's important to me because many, many years ago our forefathers had to fight in order to get to vote," she said.

In fact, she's only missed voting in one election since she registered back in 1962.

"Ever since I could remember, my brother and I would remember my mother going to the polls to vote," son Todd told us. "She always stated how important it was for us to do that when we were of age."

Because Mrs. Rhodes is a patient at Hospice Savannah, she had to get special permission to leave the center to vote. Her son made sure that happened. Mrs. Rhodes hopes her vote will count in more ways than one.

Of course she wanted her candidate to win, but she also hoped her sacrifice would inspire others. "I sure hope it'll have a deep feeling for them to want to get out and speak to people and get them involved."

"She's shown that no matter what she's gone through and is going through, now she's not going to let that deter her from performing her civic duty," said Todd. "That's a perfect example. I thank God she's my mom."

An example of a proud American who's willing to go the extra mile. "I am exhausted, but I feel very good that I did get out to vote," Mrs. Rhodes told us.

For her commitment to improving the quality of life for all Americans, Mrs. Joy Rhodes is part of WTOC's Community Spirit.

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