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Paula Deen launches online network


The Paula Deen Network will be just what its name suggests.

"You're going to see all of me," Deen said, "with my clothes on."

The Savannah celebrity chef's new online network will launch in September with original content, unprecedented access and, she says, no limitations.

"When you work on a major network, you have a lot of bosses telling you what you can do and what you can't do, and you only have 22 minutes," Deen said. "But this basically is unedited."

"She has a lot more than just food in her life, as you know," added Gordon Elliot, the network's co-creator. "She's got her decor, she's got her vegetables, she's got her chickens, she's got her miniature goats, she's got her travels, she's got her celebrity friends, she's got her down home friends from back in Albany and this network allows all those people and all those interests to come to one place."

The new network, which she introduced in downtown Savannah on Wednesday, is not a return to the public eye for Deen, but she said it is a result of and answer to a difficult last year during which she faced accusations of racism.

"I'm picking up bricks and building a brick foundation from the bricks they threw at me," Deen said."Had last year not happened, this would have never happened and it's really given me an opportunity to go about it."

She will do that using the newest technology to return to her to her origins, her latest business starting from scratch.

"When I started the Bag Lady, I had no idea where it was going to go or how it was going to end up," Deen said. "I just knew I had a passion and a great desire. So I feel much the same about this. I'm going to do whatever it takes."

"Digital networks are going to be the future,'' added Elliot. "People can take their laptops, sit it in front of their stove and be working off their iPad while they're doing the recipe. That's just convenience and that's what the people have told us they want, and she's the perfect woman to give that, the perfect woman.''

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