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Speak Out Editorial - 06/09/14

There's a growing 21st century opportunity in the collaboration between Georgia and the south Carolina lowcountry. But it's being bottlenecked by a road that was built for the 1920's.

US Highway 17 is narrow, pot-holed and dangerous...there are no shoulders on the road...nowhere to run if a driver makes a mistake or worse.

The traffic on the stretch of 17 from the talmadge bridge to highway 170 runs to about 14,000 cars a day…among those making that trek are 40% of the people who work at the Georgia ports authority and live in the lowcountry. The road should be widened if only to guarantee safe passage to the folks currently using it – unsafely – every day.

But it gets worse….the traffic estimates for that stretch of road grow to almost 22,000 vehicles per day in just the next 20 years. And that number doesn't anticipate the growing regional market that's developing as Georgia and Carolina entrepreneurs see opportunity across the bridge.

We found a proposal dating back to 2010 to widen the road to 4 lanes and we have to wonder…when is this going to happen?

For safety, for business, for the future…let's 4 lane highway 17.

What do you think?

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