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Thomasville Police make quick arrests in shootings

Lt. Eric Hampton of TPD Lt. Eric Hampton of TPD

It's been a busy week in Thomasville for law enforcement. Police are currently investigating two shootings that happened this week. They say they've arrested suspects in both shootings and it only took a few hours.    

When Thomasville police arrive on the scene, they're wasting no time getting down to business. "Approximately three hours afterwards in both instances, both shootings, both suspects were taken into custody," said Lt. Eric Hampton of TPD.  

Tuesday night, just moments after the victim Anthony Adams was rushed to Archbold Memorial Hospital, investigators were already working to secure the crime scene.  

"Investigation starts immediately with the initial officer on the scene, who preserves the scene, talks to witnesses that can point us in the right direction," said  Hampton.  

Thanks to an eye witness police were able to go straight to home of Tyree Jones, to take him into custody.

Witnesses were also key in helping police to track down the shooting suspect in the Hopkins Street shooting that happened Saturday, involving victim Melvin Mitchell.  

"That's what really started us in the right direction in the Hopkins shooting we had people tell us what kind of car he got into,"  said Hampton.  

Armed with that information, police issued a look out a deputy made the stop and took Lemoses Carr into custody. Investigators say it's all about team work when it comes to keeping the community safe.   "Our aim is to get the suspects off the streets, because we know that they were armed with guns."     

Even with the suspects behind bars, investigators say their work isn't over until the case is closed. "It helps us to be able to prosecute them in a court properly."   Both victims are recovering.

Police are happy that no lives were lost and that they we're able to remove the suspects from the streets.


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