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Speak Out Editorial - 06/17/14

Last week we weighed in with our opinion that the Highway 17 corridor that connects savannah and the lowcountry is unsafe and should be 4 laned.

Bill Westmoreland called to tell us that the unimproved condition of Highway 17 was pretty deliberate, an effort to protect Charleston from having traffic easily diverted to Savannah.  In fact Mr. Westmoreland said that when he worked on the Talmadge Bridge that construction anticipated connecting Charlotte to Columbia to Savannah via I-77, but Charleston interests prevailed, I-77 didn't ever leave Columbia and Highway 17 remains an embarrassment.

John Collins agreed that we should widen Highway 17 but also 4 lane South Carolina 315 which continues the traffic corridor between savannah and bluffton – Hilton head.

Shannon Willoughby wrote to tell us that 17 is also a problem in Effingham County which has seen several fatalities in the recent past…

There's a thread through all the comments:  Highway 17 is narrow, dangerous and an impediment to progress…lets 4 lane it.

What do you think?  

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