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Search Continues for Gunman in Shooting on High School Grounds

Terry Isaacs Terry Isaacs

Investigators are still looking for the man who shot someone on a high school campus last night. The shooting happened during a basketball scrimmage at Battery Creek High School in Beaufort County. Beaufort County sheriff's deputies say 22-year-old Darren Morgan was shot in the parking lot at the school, and then he stumbled into the gym for help, where there were 50 to 60 people watching the scrimmage.

Investigators say they're looking for this man, 20-year-old Terry Isaacs from St. Helena, for the shooting. Sheriff's deputies sealed off the school grounds within minutes, and used K-9 units to check every car before it left the property, but Isaacs had apparently already left.

School officials say, because of the way this crime was carried out, there's little they can do to prevent the same sort of thing from happening in the future, especially considering that neither of the people involved were students.

"It was not during the school day, it was apparently fairly random in that they could have chosen any place to have this dispute and gunplay," said school district representative John Williams. "It could have been a parking lot at a shopping center, or a church even. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they came to our school property."

Williams says it's frustrating that Battery Creek is even mentioned when talking about this shooting, since neither Morgan nor Isaacs are students there. "The perception gets perpetuated that this is a problem school or that the school is unsafe," said Williams. "That is not true. We've got a very strong staff at that school, we've got a very good resource officer from the sheriff's office."

Morgan was taken to a Beaufort County Hospital after the shooting. At this point, police aren't saying anything about the motive for the shooting, but are asking anyone who knows the whereabouts of Terry Isaacs to call the sheriff's department at 843.470.3200.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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