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Does It Work? Wednesday--The Deli Pro Knife

Hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is one week from tomorrow. Would you like to find something to make the cooking go a little more smoothly? We found a new knife that claims to make slicing just about anything a whole lot easier. We're putting it to the test in Does It Work? Wednesday.

Scott Hopkey is the kitchen manager at the Lady and Sons restaurant in downtown Savannah. As you can, things get pretty busy there. They're always doing a lot of chopping and slicing and dicing, so we thought this would be the perfect place to test out the Deli-Pro knife.

It claims to make "perfect, even slices every time," because of a guard that holds the food in place and a gauge that lets you pick the slice size.

"The first thing that came to mind is that it's a little gimmicky," said Scott.

But he was up for trying it out. We ran into a little snag though, before we even got started. The Deli-Pro knife isn't made for everyone. "I use a knife with my left hand," said Scott. "The way that this is designed is it can only be used for right handed, so it will be a little bit awkward."

So, Scott got started, first on a green tomato, slicing as if he were right handed. The results weren't what the manufacturer promised. "Perfect even slices every time. We haven't gotten there yet," said Scott, showing us a very uneven slice of tomato.

Up next was a larger red tomato. Much easier, Scott said, perhaps because the tomato was bigger. But still, the slices weren't exact.

The onion was next and that worked okay.

As for the bread, that's where another problem with the knife became extremely evident. "It doesn't clear itself. The guard doesn't let the bread clear, so every time you cut you have to clear it out."

And that can be time consuming, especially if you're in a hurry. The true test though, would be on the meat. First Scott tried it on some turkey. And with each slice, the turkey fell apart.

So he tried it on a bigger and thicker cut of meat. It worked great, at first, but as cuts got closer to the center..."The knife's just not long enough. So anything that's longer than your knife blade, you'll have trouble because the guard doesn't go down as far."

Scott's overall verdict: "I don't know that I would recommend it for someone at home. If you're going for consistency, it really didn't show me that it produces a consistent product every time."

And that's the pro's take on the Deli Pro knife. Quite different from that of the manufacturer.

Scott says one of the problems with the knife is that has a serrated blade and should be used only for bread. A chef's knife, one without the "teeth," is used to slice vegetables and meat.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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