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Both sides rest in Preston Oates murder trial

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Court has adjourned for the day in the Preston Oates murder trial, and both sides have rested.

The state rested on Wednesday afternoon. Oates declined to testify and the defense said it does not plan on calling any witnesses.

The state called its last few witness, including the forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Carlos Olivera after he died.

She testified that Olivera had six gunshot wounds, saying that five of the six entered through his back, and that one of the gunshot wounds could be consistent with someone being shot while already on the ground.

 Closing arguments are expected to be heard on Thursday.

Tuesday morning, the state called BCSO investigators and SLED agents to the stand.

Prosecutors entered several items collected from the scene into evidence, including, the 6 shell casings collected from the scene, and the two guns from the scene - one belonging to Oates, the other belonging to Olivera.

Prosecutors say Oates shot Olivera over a tow truck dispute.

The court also heard another audio recording of Oates. In this one he was being interviewed by investigators just three days after the shooting.

"When I opened that door, I was walking to my execution, I felt like I was going to die," he said in the interview.  

The state said Oates murdered Olivera after Oates tried to tow Olivera's minivan in the Edgefield subdivision, but defense said it was self defense.

As Oates recounted his side of the story, it was clear that the investigator was able to poke holes in his story.

"Is it reasonable for you not to drive off when these lunatics are coming at your car? I probably would have driven off, and called the cops, and solved the issue," the investigator said.

It is still unclear if Oates will take the stand.

Oates' charges were upgraded on Monday, and he now faces murder charges instead of manslaughter in the shooting death of 34-year-old Olivera.

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