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Tim's Take: World Cup

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All of a sudden, soccer is everywhere, in our sports bars, in our streets and in some places you would least expect it.

One of those would be the desktop of my computer, where someone played a joke when I wasn't looking and changed by wallpaper to the photo of a U.S. soccer player celebrating a goal.

And the joke is on me, because I might be the one person who might be the least interested in the World Cup, which has once again gripped America's sports interest.

I understand the appeal. It's the U.S. competing and winning in a major international sports event. I just can't get worked up about beating countries like Ghana.

"They," said U.S. soccer fan Mike Owen, "have been a tough opponent for the last two World Cups."

Maybe they have, but I would still rather find a superpower our own size we can pick on.

But a bigger factor is, after all this time, I am still just not a soccer guy. I have just never been able to develop an interest in the game I have been hearing for 40 years will be America's next big sport.

In fact, the only soccer I have ever watched, my kids were playing. And to be honest, I was only in it for the frozen yogurt after the game.

"There's a perception around the world that Americans aren't big soccer fans," said U.S. fan Erin Zagadailov. "This World Cup is our opportunity to prove to the rest of the world that we love football."

But what if we don't?

This is a matter of preference, not patriotism, a choice I have made about the sports I watch and not an indictment on my sports intellect, which some people have tried to make it.

And that brings us back to my desktop, which was infiltrated when I was out of the office. And then the U.S. went out and won its first match in the World Cup.

So, now the photo has been deemed good luck by the person who put it there and I have to keep it this way for the rest of the Cup. Or at least as long as we're winning.

I mean, just because I'm not onboard with this latest national phenomenon doesn't mean I can't contribute to it.

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