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People don't mind gaggle of geese at Lake Mayer Park

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Have you noticed all the geese at Lake Mayer lately?

They are a draw for people with young children, and it's a favorite place to feed the birds.

You just have to dodge the goose droppings they leave behind.

Lake Mayer has the most geese of all the parks in the county with a population of more than 160 geese out there, but the good news is most everyone seems to love them.

They have taken over Lake Mayer Park.

"They make it more like a park," said parkgoer Chase Dinh. "They give it more things to do."

More than 160 geese, mostly Canadian geese, live there, adding just one more activity for families at this Chatham County Park.

Despite the honking sounds and those petite piles of presents, most everyone seems to enjoy the geese.

"They just kind of mind their own business for the most part," said jogger Jessica Payne.

But from time to time, the recreation department has to manage just how many of them are out here because their population can get large, fast.

"We try to keep them say, under 200," said recreation manager Lorenzo Bryant. "When it starts getting too much, we try to thin them out and take them to another site, another location. Sometimes we get people who have a lake in their community and like to have them."

According to the Dept. of Natural Resources, this time of year geese shed their feathers and can't fly for a short period of time, meaning they're not going anywhere anytime soon. But luckily, no one really minds that they're here in the first place.

"I definitely enjoy the geese," said Payne. "They're nice to look at when you're jogging, especially when they have the little babies running around. They're quite a pleasant sight. Now sometimes these guys get feisty, especially when they're laying eggs, so just be cautious."

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