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Eliminate spoilers online with these tools


Are you sick and tired of your favorite tv shows or sporting events being spoiled by people spilling the beans online?



Do people you know get angry when people on Facebook and Twitter reveal plot twists they haven't seen yet for their favorite shows, or scores for games they haven;t watched?

Now, you can use a tool from Google called Silencer and a smart phone app called Spoiler Shield. No more spoiler alerts! You control the spoilers!



World Cup fever is heating up, but The Foundary's Kevin Veitinger finds himself DVR'ing many of the games.



He also has had many of them ruined by spoilers.



"Ah yes. I've gotten spoiled. When family members text me or I go to certain websites and forget to avoid certain sites....it's terrible," Veitinger said.



His family, big fans of HBO's Game of Thrones, have in turn had plot twists revealed by eager social media users.



"Game of Thrones is a big one for my family. They just avoid the internet all together when they haven't watched it," Veitinger said.



"Game of Thrones,  of course! Hands down. My boy, Tyrion," Brian Hodge, Digital Doc Savannah, told WTOC.



The Digital Doc's head surgeon, Brian Hodge, says you can eliminate spoilers for your favorite shows with a few tools online and on your smartphone. We showed Kevin Google Chrome's Silencer tool.



"Silencer will allow you to plug in key words not just for tv shows...but you can even type in sports teams," Hodge said. "If you don't want to hear what that team got, it will block anything and everything related to that key word."



For Android and Apple IOS, the Spoiler Shield app is available.



"It's already pre selected It has 30 TV shows and all baseball and NFL teams. You just click the shows and teams you want and it will hide anything related to that," Hodge told WTOC.



Hodge says these tools can make your life, and TV viewing, a little less frustrating.



"Yeah. I'll be getting Silencer for next season of Game of Thrones," he said.



"Yeah. Those are great. I'll have to check those out," Veitinger said.



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