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Record setting rainfall floods portions of Port Wentworth

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A record setting rainfall is causing some significant flooding in some areas of Port Wentworth.

Families are walking outside to find lakes in their front yard, ditches overflowing so bad roads had to be closed to take care of the issue.

"It looks as if I have a lake in the front yard and in the bard yard as well," said Angela Tatom.

Tatom lives at the corner of Crossgate Road and Dixie Street, and her front yard has enough water to tube in.

"I looked out the first time and thought, ‘oh my word, I'm going to have to swim to my car. I'm going to have to swim,'" she said.

Port Wentworth saw a record amount of rainfall, with reports of more than five inches of rain, rain so bad police had to block off roads, including Dixie and Cantyre streets.

The ditches overflowed so badly on Armadale Road, the fire department had to come out and pump the excess water into an empty parking lot.

Luckily most of the water is starting to recede, but now the concern turns to the mess tomorrow.

"I'm afraid it's going to be a bit boggy," said Tatom.

Cantyre Street is the only one WTOC has been able to confirm is back open. Port Wentworth's mayor said the last time flooding got this bad was probably 1997.

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