Speak Out Editorial - 06/23/14

You know and love someone who rides a bike.

But bicyclists are becoming increasingly endangered by the current configuration of the roads and their relationship with motorized vehicles.

John Bennett, the executive director of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign notes that bicycle and pedestrian fatalities have been on the rise in the US since 2011 with 5,000 people killed and 45,000 injured PER YEAR.

To make matters worse we don't even know why.

Bennett points out that police reports lack critical details that might lead to solutions, a first step in understanding and fixing the problem which is sure to grow as environmental and health concerns send more people out on their bikes.

And, inexplicably, the US department of transportation has not even offered a strategy to measure and improve this alarming trend.

We must have accurate data to inform a plan to reduce deaths and injuries to bicyclists and pedestrians.

In the meantime we can at least heed the cry of our bicyclists.

"We want a little bit of space," said John Skiljan. "We don't ask for the whole road but we do ask for cars to give us what the law requires which is 3 feet."

What do you think?"