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Iraq insurgency troubles U.S.

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Some claim the situation holds danger for the U.S. (Source: CNN) Some claim the situation holds danger for the U.S. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - U.S. lawmakers said Tuesday the crisis in Iraq also poses a threat to the United States.

As such, the Obama administration is considering what actions it will take going forward as the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate.

Refugee camps in Iraq grow as families flee the violence.

The children were all too aware of what's happening around them.

"We saw ISIS and a car with three bodies, and one had no arm," a girl said.

"One had his arm cut off and two didn't have legs," another girl said.

Under attack from ISIS militants, Iraqi security forces held their ground at the Baiji oil refinery, which produces much of the fuel Iraq uses for domestic consumption.

The U.S. calculates as many as 10,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, including escaped prisoners and Sunni tribesmen, operating with what officials call increasing "capability and dexterity."

The threat isn't limited to Iraq.

The Obama administration's classified briefing on Tuesday certainly caught the attention of Republican lawmakers.

"No member of the Senate could have left that briefing believing that the homeland is not in danger if these people are successful," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R – SC, said.

"I continue to argue that we need to target those supply lines that feed ISIS out of Syria," Sen. Marco Rubio, R – FL, said. "I think we need to target their command and control structure within Syria. I think we need to work closely with our allies in the region, particularly Jordan to protect them from the growing risks that this poses."

Lawmakers float the idea of supplementing Iraqi airstrikes with U.S. firepower, but the consensus in Washington seems to be that any solution to the escalating sectarian violence will have to be political.

"The general proposition you need a new government to fight for makes more and more sense as this thing deteriorates," Graham said.

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