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Nepal: Man tricked into donating kidney

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A Nepalese man says he gave up a kidney because he was told it would grow back.  (Source: CNN) A Nepalese man says he gave up a kidney because he was told it would grow back. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - The CNN Freedom Project is shedding light on organ trafficking around the world.

In a town nicknamed The Kidney Bank of Nepal, there are hundreds of people who have had theirs removed. But they were victims of scams.

Nawaraj Pariyar makes a living by selling cow's milk and doing seasonal labor for nearby farmers. Pariyar's wife worries about the future.

She's afraid of her husband's ailing health. Pariyar is sick and is getting worse by the day.

"My body is giving me a lot of trouble," Pariyar said. "Occasionally I also feel sharp pain around the operated area."

It's been 14 years since Pariyar lost a kidney in a scam orchestrated by an organ trafficking ring.

He was working in Kathmandu when his foreman told him that if he let doctors cut out a chunk from his body, he would receive 30 lakh rupees, about $30,000.

"He assured me, nothing will happen. He also promised me that the meat will grow back," Pariyar said.

Then a middleman took Pariyar to Chennai, in southern India.

"I thought - if the meat will re-grow again, and I get paid for it, why not? I had no idea it was the kidney," Pariyar said.

He was told to say the recipient was his sister, and the traffickers had falsified documents saying so.

Three days after the operation, Pariyar returned to Kathmandu - with less than $300. He never heard from the traffickers again.

"Slowly I started having doubts so I went to the doctor that's when I found out I was missing a kidney," he said.

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