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Repairs begin after employees' cars left in flooded Gulfstream parking lot

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Auto repair shops are busy this week working on the cars that got stuck in Gulfstream's flooded parking lot on Monday night.

While some of the cars are going to require costly repairs, some of the cars are going to be totaled. It's unfortunate events like this that you want to make sure you have the right insurance policy to cover your losses.  

Monday's heavy rains and storms left Gulfstream's parking lot flooded, damaging more than 40 cars. But if they have the right policies, these drivers won't have anything to worry about incurring too much of the costs.

Insurance agents say comprehensive coverage will cover damage due to an "act of God" like flooding, minus your deductible, and if you want to make sure you're even more covered, add towing and labor and even rental car coverage to the policy.

Agents say you'll be glad you've got good coverage if an unfortunate event like this happens.

"It's whatever you put into it is what you're going to get out of it," said insurance agent Matthew Hall. "If you want the minimum coverages and you want to slide by and then when it comes to claims time, you'll get that in return. And if you put in a couple of extra dollars and get the towing and labor and the comprehensive- it just pays out."

Some of the cars were taken to Coastal Chevrolet off of Ogeechee Road with extensive damage.

One car that WTOC saw had the key stuck in the ignition and even some standing water still remained.

But for the cars that weren't totaled, the owners are facing thousands of dollars worth of repairs and probably a week without a car.

"The water in this one actually came up halfway up the dashboard," said Service Manager Ben Williams.

One Chevy Cruze will cruise no more. The water damage will cost more to fix than the car is worth, but some of the cars can be fixed at a price.

"The fact that the seats aren't working at all right now, there are a few motors underneath that have to be replaced," he said.

Even though a truck sat more than 20 inches off the ground, it still had water reach inside and will need new carpets, seat motors and a few other replacements, totaling about $3,000.

"The fact that the vehicle is a lifted vehicle, it's already jacked up and the water still got inside the truck, just goes to show how deep that water actually got," said Williams.

The experts at Coastal Chevrolet said this driver was lucky, generally is the water gets above the hood or dash, then it's probably totaled.

"It is salvageable," he said. "On a one to 10 [scale], this is probably a four when it comes to flood.

There are at least two cars from Gulfstream at Coastal Chevrolet, but based on the amount of calls, they expect to get a lot more.

Gulfstream did say it would help cover the costs that insurance won't take care of.

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