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Helping a war dog veteran

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A U.S. Marine reunited with his trusted service dog that worked side-by-side with him during a tour of Afghanistan is now finding ways to better his military war dog's life.

Two years later, old age and years of patrolling have taken a toll on the the black lab.

Throughout Ashton Bush's deployment in Ahanistan, a black lab named Trouble lead the way in protecting Bush and his unit from any outside trouble they may have faced.

"She was always by my side, and anytime I had her, I knew we were safe," said Bush.

Trouble was the first military war dog the Marine Corp used to detect IEDs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"She was their prototype. She went on five deployments, three to Iraq and two to Afghanistan," said Chelsea Senquiz.

Two years ago Bush and his girlfriend were contacted about taking Trouble home, and they jumped at the chance to adopt her.

Once again, Bush's girlfriend said Trouble saved his life, as Bush was having a very difficult time transitioning into civilian life.

"Even though she is a dog and he is a human, they saw the same things," said Senquiz. "They did the same things together, so it was a good way for him to connect with her, so she really saved Ashton. She means the world to us."

Trouble also struggles with PTSD.

"Loud noises, thunder storms and fireworks terrify her," said Senquiz.

Now the couple is trying to help better Trouble's life.

"She does have arthritis," said Senquiz. "It is more severe with her with all of the combat she has seen and all of the stuff she has gone through.We are doing some water therapy. We bought an above ground pool for her to swim. She can't be as active."

The medical bills are mounting for Trouble and despite being a war dog veteran, they aren't getting any help. Being college students and working part time jobs, it is becoming difficult for them to keep up.

"She means the world to me," said Bush. "She is my best friend."

They hope by sharing Trouble's story, she can have a healthy and happy retirement.

To donate to Trouble, click here.

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