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Hit and run suspect on the run


Savannah-Chatham Metro Police are looking for a hit and run suspect who struck a bicyclist on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

"I can't believe what I saw," said witness Will Sutton. "Wow, that is something you see on tv."

It all happened so fast.

"I was riding my bike South on MLK Jr. Boulevard. I stopped at this Enmark, cause I seen this white Pontiac was stopping. They had stopped and waved me to come through, so when I came through, the car then hit me."

The victim, who does not want to be identified said he was riding down MLK Thursday afternoon when he was hit

"It hit me and took me with it, because that is how I ended up in the street," said the victim. "It took me along with it, and then I fell backwards and my head fell against the concrete. I blanked out. The only thing I remember, I seen this older white lady was holding my hand and that is when I got up, she said, "no baby, lay down."

Sutton saw it all go down.

"I saw a little old lady stop to help the guy that got ran over, so I said, I will try and catch this fellow," said Sutton. "So, I chased the guy."

According to the police report the driver of a white Pontiac Grand Am with Georgia tag BYX 8122 fled the accident site at a high rate of speed, running through stop signs and cutting people off.

"I caught up to him at a red light. Got the license plate and all the info I needed," said Sutton.

When Sutton got back to the scene, he found the victim laying on the ground.

"There was a gentleman, he looked like he had been run over and his bike was on the ground," said Sutton.

Now the victim is suffering through various pains that are keeping him from working.

"The back of my head is still hurting. The side of my shoulder is still hurting and swollen. It's painful. It is swelling up, as you can see. My leg. My knee," said the victim.

Police are still looking into some other contributing factors that may have caused the accident. if you have any information, contact CRIMESTOPPERS AT 912.234.2020.

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