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Petition circulating for bench seats


A petition is circulating online to bring back bench seats in cars after manufacturers faded out the style last year. Bench seats were part of the original car design that allowed folks to sit three to a seat in the front row. Now a Savannah woman is pushing to bring them back.

Petitioner Patricia Barbee says she has certain health conditions that limit her to driving only cars with bench seats. She says it's the most handicap friendly style of car and believes manufactures need to put them back on the market.

"If it's not a bench seat, I cannot drive it because I have to be able to be comfortable sitting in the vehicle," said Barbee.

She says she plans to drive her Buick Le Sabre until it falls apart but that wasn't always the plan.

"I went online looking for a Buick like the one have because I have to budget for the next vehicle I'll get," said Barbee.

That's when she realized she could no longer get a new car with bench seats. Barbee was shocked because she says they are the best option for folks who are disabled or need more space.

"Whether it's nerves or amputations, how do they get into these bucket seat vehicles with these hard consoles?" said Barbee.

In the last couple of years, car manufacturers have been phasing out the style. According to Chevrolet, their 2013 Impala was the last year folks could buy that style of car on the market.

Officials announced they got rid of them because there wasn't a huge demand. But according to the comments on Barbee's petition, there is still a demand from folks who are disabled.

"I would love to see a vehicle that all can drive," said Barbee.

Barbee plans to send the petition to the manufacturers as well as President Obama. If you would like to sign the petition:

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