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Getting prepared for hurricane season


If you've lived in the Coastal Empire or Lowcountry long enough, you've heard the phrase "our" hurricane season, meaning it really doesn't get started until late August.

But as we saw last year, Mother Nature doesn't run on our schedule. There was a tropical depression in the Atlantic last May.

You may have stocked up on canned goods for food, but did you pack a hand opener in your preparedness kit?

It's the things that we may not use anymore that will leave you with an "aha" moment.

"One of the things is cash among others, everyone uses debit cards today, right," Clayton Scott with CEMA said.

Scott and his crew are monitoring the area of low pressure. They were on a conference call Monday morning with local emergency partners and long term care facilities, making sure everyone is prepared.

You can't forget your batteries for your NOAA weather radio, especially when the power goes out, but now you can combine some old school items you're going to need in your kit with some 21st century items.

Sales associate, Todd Walton, said when traditional power is out people need those alternate sources like your car.

"Every modern car is going to have a USB or a car outlet to it and that's going to be the biggest thing," Walton said.

There's also cell phone cases that act like a charger and depending on how much you want to spend, one will give you eight extra hours of precious battery life.

"We have inflatable solar lanterns, put them in direct light or under a lamp, let them charge, and boom you have light source in the house," Walton said.

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