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Pooler love triangle shooting plea


A Love triangle story involving gunfire late last summer in Pooler has an ending Tuesday.

Timothy Nielsen and Georgia Sharp Joyner both pleaded guilty to their involvement in the shooting of James Joyner at a gas station on US Hwy 80 in Pooler last September.

Georgia and James are married, but separated, and she was dating Nielsen at the time. It all boiled down to money owed and a laptop.  

The argument over both ended when Nielsen shot James in the upper torso, and Georgia drove the getaway car.  

The two were later caught on I-16 near I-516. Both were initially charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during commission of  a felony, but Tuesday both got very different sentences. 

At one point, Judge John E. Morse Jr. described the whole situation as "Peyton Place."

Timothy Nielsen, who's been in the Chatham County Dentention Center since the shooting, walked into the courtroom shackled in hopes he'd leave without them. He and and his attorney, Jarret Maillet, pleaded for the judge to grant him first offender status, saying he was a model member of society, even working at a local hospital before the shooting.

Maillet explained, "He was a very good nurse, very caring, very good at what he did." But in 2013, he separated from his wife and her children that he raised as his own, and his life took a downward turn.  Nielsen apologized in hopes of getting his life back on track.  

"I'm sorry the man was hurt; I feel terrible about it. I made some poor decisions, I admit that sir," he said. 

However, Judge Morse denied the pleas and first offender status, which could have had the case sealed from his official criminal history report, and sentenced Nielsen to 10 years for aggravated assault.

Georgia Sharp Joyner wept during Nielsen's sentencing. She drove off from her wounded husband, but her guilty plea ended in a reduced charge from aggravated assault to reduced to reckless conduct. Judge Morse sentenced her to 12 months probation.  

The victim, James Joyner, was not in court today even though the defense and prosecution said he was notified, but he declined to attend.

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