Community Group Calls for School Board Resignations or Recall

Rev. Leonard Small
Rev. Leonard Small

More people are speaking out against the Savannah-Chatham Board of Education. A group of citizens has demanded that four board members resign or face a recall.

Lori Brady, one of the four being asked to resign or be recalled, is exempt from a recall because she's just ending one term and will be beginning a new one.

Still, three more have a bull's-eyes on their back. It's not easy being a Savannah-Chatham school board member these days, and it's about to get even worse.

"The board of education is out of control," said Rev. Leonard Small. Representing about 150 people, he wants changes on the school board.

Friday morning, he had a message for SuSu Cox, Lori Brady, DeWayne Hamilton, and Daniel Frazier: resign or get recalled.

"Those four, because of their callous disregard for the probation by SACS and the dismissal of the superintendent without a reasonable excuse to this community," said Rev. Small.

He's giving the board members seven days to resign, or his group will begin the recall process. What they would have to do is go to the district of each board member and get 30 percent of the registered voters to sign a petition.

"If all those people disappear tomorrow, the schools' situation is not going to change," argued Susan Olson, the vice president of the Georgia Parent Teacher Association.

Speaking as a Savannah citizen, she thinks the recall idea is ridiculous. "It's going to cost gobs of money. And who the heck is going to want to be on the board? Who's going to pay for the recall election? And who the heck is going to pay for the election to replace them?"

"If sacs sees this community is taking care of the problem, then I believe our accreditation will not be in jeopardy," said  Small.

Rev. Small will be holding a meeting Monday night at 7pm at the Litway Baptist Church in Savannah to discuss the school board problems.

Daniel Frazier says this recall talk is inappropriate, and he plans on being at the meeting Monday to answer questions. Lori Brady says the group is entitled to its opinion, and she has no intentions of resigning.

Reported by: Don Logana,