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St. Helena Island couple scores lucky lottery ticket


A St. Helena Island couple couldn't sleep after winning the Lottery, so they sat up in bed taking turns clutching their $200,000 winning scratch-off.

"We held onto that ticket all night," the wife confessed.

She told lottery officials she paid $10 for the Golden Spades winner at the Circle K Stores #5386 on Sea Island Parkway in Beaufort. Since her car was out of commission, her husband picked her up from work and was with her when she scratched the ticket. She says her heart dropped when she uncovered the prize. She could not help but wonder if the ticket was a prank.

"She couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it," the husband said.

Excited, they called and woke up family with the news.

"It's amazing," said the wife.

She already has a new car in mind.

"And I won't have to pick her up from work anymore," the husband added.

That was the last top prize of $200,000 in the $10 Golden Spades game. Odds of winning $200,000 were one in 520,000.

For selling the claimed ticket, the store received a commission of $2,000.

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