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Tropical Storm Arthur impacting Tybee Island


The weather is currently nice on Tybee Island, but the lifeguards are flying a red flag which means the water conditions are a high hazard with very strong currents.

"With a large volume of water that's coming in with this storm - that large volume of water has to go back out," Captain Mike Taylor said. 

Tybee lifeguards are in the midst of their own perfect storm, thousands of folks vacatining on Tybee plus dangerous water condtions caused by Tropical Storm Arthur.

"Just be vigilent and know that the conditions are really rough," Taylor said. 

Lifeguards said the rip current is making it difficult to swim for some folks, and by noon Wednesday, they had already rescued three people who are expected to be OK.

Officials are asking swimmers and boaters to be extra careful in the water. They do not recommend people wading any deeper than your waistline. The waves are peaking between three and five feet but they expect the waves to grow to almost eight feet overnight.

Officials also believe the conditions will be about the same Thursday. If conditions get much worse, they could potentially close the beach.

If you get caught in rip current remember to remain calm, don't try to fight it and swim parallel to the beach.

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