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Campaigns still firing back in Senate showdown

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The polls closed more than a week ago but the attacks keep coming. Thad Cochran's campaign held a press conference Wednesday.

"I just sort of think that it's the time has come now for the McDaniel campaign to put up or shut up," said the campaign senior advisor Austin Barbour.

Barbour tells the media they are trying to look ahead to November. Yet, allegations of everything from crossover votes to vote buying have been launched against the campaign.

"If there is something out there, let's talk about it," described Barbour. "Let's look through this. If they've got hard evidence, bring it forward. Quit talking about exaggerated numbers that they know are not true."

The numbers were even higher by Wednesday. Chris McDaniel's campaign says they still aren't done with their review.

"There are 4,900, and perhaps in excess of that, irregular votes that we have found so far," said communications director Noel Fritsch. "And that is after going through data in 53 counties. The vast majority of those 4,900 voting irregularities, we are confident are going to prove to be in eligible crossover votes."

McDaniel sent out an email Wednesday asking supporters for money to fund a potential legal challenge.

"We feel very confident in this process," explained Fritsch. "We feel that ultimately the people of Mississippi are going to hold their elected officials accountable and the Republican Party accountable to making sure that that election was conducted in a just and legal manner."

Cochran's campaign points to national political action committees that supported McDaniel but conceded in the days after the runoff. They say that's what left McDaniel looking for more cash.

There have been questions about whether Chris McDaniel can be a write in candidate in November. The Secretary of State's office says write in votes only count in the event of death, resignation, or removal of a candidate. 

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