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Speak Out Editorial - 07/03/14

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In a recent speak out editorial we addressed the rising casualty rate among cyclists and pedestrians on the roads…several people wrote in to tell us it's a two way street.

John Veal said that "Bicyclists are very vocal about safety and the law requiring a three foot clearance when passing them on the street. However, they are not as vocal about the part that requires them to ride as close to the edge of the road as possible."

Allen Gnann wrote "The highway was not built for bicycles… I see people on bikes running stop signs and traffic lights all the time, they don't use turn signals, and most don't have any type of lights or reflectors. "

Both of those gentlemen noted that in our video the group of bicyclists were taking up a full lane of traffic and Mr. Gnann asks "Where is your tag that pays for road repair and improvements."

A young lady who lives in downtown savannah says that "CYCLISTS ARE TO FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD JUST AS THE CARS DO!!!!"

Thanks to those of you who spoke out and for everybody else….

What do you think?

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