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Hometown Hero: ILA Legend Benjamin Johnson

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In the 1950's Benjamin Johnson was decorated for bravery during the Korean conflict. Recently, he retired from the International Longshoreman's association after many decades.

Over the past 58 years, Benjamin Johnson has worked 160,000 hours as part of the International Longshoreman Association local 1414.

"Because of him., his dedication, work ethic and teaching young men under him, he has left a legacy," said son Rev. Christopher Johnson.

Johnson was the last of the original 300 ILA members to retire as of June of this year. Soon, he will be honored for working more hours than any longshoreman, but his past may also soon award him a medal of honor.

"We stumbled onto some articles that we found in Jet magazine and it actually has my fathers picture, along with another gentleman," Rev. Johnson.

.Johnson was one of two members of his unit that survive a tragic bombing where 14 other service members lost their lives.

"It was amazing to see how he survived these things during his military career," said Johnson. "Now that we found that, I went to Senator Lester Jackson and some other icons to where they are trying to channel the paperwork to get him to DC, to see if we can get him a medal of honor"

"He has done so much work in the community with helping others and the children," said Mrs. Johnson. "He is a very free hearted person."

It is for his continued service to our country and community that we name Benjamin Johnson a Hometown Hero.

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