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Birmingham attorney shares his thoughts on Justin Ross Harris case

Justin Ross Harris in court on July 3. Source: CNN Justin Ross Harris in court on July 3. Source: CNN

A Birmingham attorney weighed in on the case of Justin Ross Harris, a man accused of murdering his infant son by leaving him inside a hot car for over seven hours.

"To me it's the most bizarre case I've experienced in 30 something years of practicing of law," said Birmingham attorney Roger Appell. "It appears we may have one of the most sinister crimes in modern history."

Harris was denied a request for a $50,000 bond on Friday and will remain in jail after shocking testimony was presented in court on Thursday.

During a probable cause hearing, the prosecution presented testimony that on June 18 Harris was texting explicit messages and exchanging nude photos with six different women. All while his 22-month-old son Cooper was stuck locked inside a sweltering SUV.

"Evidence is showing us right now that he's got this whole second life that he's living with alternate personalities and alternate personas," said Cobb County Police Detective Phil Stoddard.

The defense says bringing up the texts and photos was an attempt to shame their client and that there is no evidence that little Cooper's death was intentional.

Meanwhile the prosecution says the testimony shows a man unhappy in his marriage and who wanted a "childless life."

Appell calls that motive and says the prosecution has a very strong case.

"The fact that he went to the car at lunch time, the fact that he googled all this information, the fact he was sexting these five or six different women, you put out a scenario that he tried to find a crime that he could get away with," said Appell.

As for Harris's defense strategy? Appell says that's going to be tough.

"I would find the best psychiatrist I could find. At this point in time, the factual defense is going to be very difficult," he said.

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