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Coast Guard to assess regional damage

Rear Adm. Stephen Metruck flew over the Outer Banks to assess the area. (Source: Coast Guard) Rear Adm. Stephen Metruck flew over the Outer Banks to assess the area. (Source: Coast Guard)

The commanding officer of the Coast Guard's 5th District was in Wilmington Friday afternoon to discuss regional damage and the condition of the waterways now that Hurricane Arthur has past the Carolina coast.

The Coast Guard said they prepared for the worst and put plans into place. They kept in close contact with the state port and ferry system and felt like they did a good job staying ahead of the storm.

"You can't catch up with a storm. In this case I think we did a good job staying ahead of it," said Capt. Sean Murtagh. "It appears that boaters took pre-storm warnings seriously and I'm pleased to report we had no significant search and rescue cases up and down the coast line last night."

They had two patrol boats ready to respond, but they never had to leave the port.

The Coast Guard reminds boaters to be extremely cautious this weekend as they head out on the water. Check your boat for damage, monitor the weather closely, and make sure you have the proper safety equipment on board.

Waters are going to be more treacherous and harder to navigate over the next few days.

"The weather has improved tremendously, but they should still be exercising caution and be prepared when venturing out in the water for the holiday weekend," said Murtagh.  "Carefully check your boats for damage from the storm, monitor the weather closely especially if you are heading off shore, sea conditions off the shore are still rough."

He said there could also be debris floating in the ocean from the storm which could be hazardous to boaters.

Officials with the Army Corps of Engineers said they are going to be doing a detailed survey of area inlets next week to survey the damage and see if the storm caused any of them to start filling in.

Statewide, Coast Guard officials said they are also still assessing the damage. Rear Admiral Stephen P. Metruck flew over part of the Outer Banks on Friday.

He said he could see flooded roadways and crews working to clear them. He said some places had significant damage while others were not impacted as heavily.

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