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Tybee Lighthouse turns into giant flag pole on Fourth of July


Nothing represents Tybee Island better than its iconic lighthouse and on the Fourth of July it is a tradition for the black and white watch tower to become a huge flag pole.

Hurricane Arthur brushed past the Tybee Island area but did not stop the unfurling of the flag, it only delayed it a day.

3 lighthouse volunteers hoisted the 80 pound flag over their shoulders and made the climb up the spiral staircase.

Gus Rehnstrom, the Lighthouse Volunteer Coordindator, said, "I've gone quite a few times in one day, and you never get use to it. It's not something you can get on a stairclimber it just doesn't work, it's a long climb."

But the volunteers say it's worth it because of the response from Tybee Islanders, they expect it every year and say it's the best way for them to show their true colors.

Rehnstrom said, "It says a lot for all the people on the island too, they all like to be a part of it. People come in and say thank you for putting it up."

Visitors love the flag on the Lighthouse as well, one vacationer Walker Harkness said, "I thought, that's a pretty big flag right there."

The flag is 60 feet by 30 feet and has to travel up 176 stairs before reaching the top where it is dropped over the railing.

The flag will remain displayed at the Tybee Island Lighthouse until Sunday, July 6th.

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