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MFD believe fireworks started Madisonville storage unit fire

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A storage unit caught fire Friday night in Madisonville.

Witnesses say the fire was started by fireworks.

Fire crews arrived on the scene at Jockey Ground Apartments on Seminary Street around 11:00 Friday night.  

Fire officials say the family who was setting off fireworks earlier in the night called 911 when they smelled smoke from their upstairs apartment.

They say the fire was contained to the storage unit.

"You're not supposed to use fireworks within 200 feet of a structure but people do," said Michael Fry. "A lot of them put off a lot of smoke and we have maybe an extreme amount of smoke in certain areas than others. Last night the smoke was laying low and laying heavy. You pass by an apartment building and you see smoke you have to check it out."

Fry says fireworks seem to be the cause, but it is still under investigation.

No one was injured.

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